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Weighted Blankets FAQ

Weighted Blankets FAQ

What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is – simply – a blanket that is deliberately made heavier than an ordinary blanket. The weight comes from its bead filling, which is evenly distributed through the whole blanket. These heavy blankets help relieve stress and anxiety. This, in turn: Helps you go to sleep quicker and stay asleep for longer; Calm down if you are overexcited or having a meltdown; and Focus.

How does a weighted blanket work?

Weighted blankets apply Deep Pressure Touch to your body. Deep Pressure Touch has been clinically proven to help calm you physically and mentally. This helps you go to sleep and stay asleep. (You can learn more about Deep Pressure Touch here.)

Who can benefit from using a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket’s Deep Pressure Touch can help relieve anxiety. Medical professionals – like occupational therapists – recommend weighted blankets for patients who have: Autism; Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD); Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Dementia; Insomnia; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Restless leg syndrome; High levels of anxiety and stress; or Sensory disorders.

Is there scientific proof that weighted blankets help?

There have been a number of clinical studies that have objectively measured the calming effects of Deep Pressure Touch on the body. One clinical study found that use of deep pressure touch device resulted in reduced stress and feelings of calmness in as little as three minutes in adults. It measured this through collecting heart rate and respiration data by putting electrodes on the study participants’ chest and back. It also measured skin conductance to assess the level of sympathetic nervous system activity. A second study specifically studied the safety and effectiveness of a weighted blanket on 32 adults. 68% of the study participants reported lower anxiety after using the weighted blanket; and 78% preferred the weighted blanket as a calming tool. There is another clinical study that caught my eye. It found that “grounding” the human body by weighting it down during sleep reduces the level of cortisol. (Cortisol is the stress hormone.) The study participants reported improved sleep patterns and reduced pain and stress.

Who shouldn’t use a weighted blanket?

However, weighted blankets don’t work for everyone. They will not help anyone who doesn’t like heavy weights on their chest. Children and babies under 2 should not use a weighted blanket.

How to use a weighted blanket 

You can use your weighted blanket to:
  • Help you go to sleep and stay asleep longer
  • Calm your panicked and anxious feelings
  • Improve your focus on school or other work

Using a weighted blanket to improve sleep

Just simply put your weighted blanket on your bed and climb in. You can use an electric blanket or other blankets on top of it if it is cold. Using a weighted blanket to calm anxious feelings

To use your weighted blanket as a calm-down tool,

just simply wrap it around you or climb under it. You can either sit or lie down.

Using a weighted blanket to improve focus

A weighted blanket’s calming Deep Pressure Touch can help you pay more attention and focus. The calming pressure leaves you more alert and can stop the “wriggles”. Many adults and children use weighted lap blankets or pads to help pay attention and focus at work or school.

Weighted blankets should never be used as a restraint. Please do not roll anybody up in a weighted blanket. 

What makes a weighted blanket work best? Every weighted blanket should have two characteristics to maximise its Deep Pressure Touch benefits. These will help you go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. The weight should be spread evenly through it, without any “bunching” or “pooling” of the weight. It should be the correct weight for the individual user. The weight needs to be evenly distributed through the weighted blanket Every weighted blanket should have the weight spread evenly through the blanket to deliver the best sleep-enhancing Deep Pressure Touch effect. At Calming Moments we sew equal weights of the beads into evenly spaced pockets throughout the blanket. Each pocket is triple-stitched, so that you can be sure that they will not break and have the beads slide into other pockets. However, this is not enough to keep the Australian-made glass beads evenly distributed through it. So, we fill each blanket with two layers of cotton wadding. This spreads the beads evenly through each pocket. So, the blanket will feel heavy, but you won’t be able to feel the individual beads. And they don’t bunch or pool.

Our customers have found that many mass-produced weighted blankets don’t have evenly spaced weights. This means that the weight can claustrophobically focus on your chest, pinning you to your bed. With nothing on your legs. Or the other way round. This will not help you sleep. Or the weights will slide around to the bottom of the pocket. Again, this will not help you sleep.

The weight must be evenly spread through the blanket to maximise its Deep Pressure Touch so that you can sleep better for longer. But even this alone is not enough to make sure that you get the correct Deep Pressure Touch on your body to get you the best sleep result.

Every weighted blanket should be custom-made for the individual user

OTs recommend that single and king single bed weighted blankets should be 10% of the user’s body weight. (We recommend adding 1kg for the larger blankets as the weight is spread over a larger area.)

We all have different body weights. Yet, most mass-produced weighted blankets come in a limited number of weights. Which is fine if you happen to be 20kg, 50kg, 70kg or 90kg on the dot. But if you weigh anything else, then you need a different weight blanket. At Calming Moments, we custom make each blanket to order. We offer 20 different weight options for our weighted bed blankets. These start at 2.5kg and increase in 0.5kg increments up to 12kg. This means that you can get the exact weight blanket that will deliver the correct Deep Pressure Touch that will help your unique body sleep better for longer.

Why a Calming Moments weighted blanket? 

All Calming Moments’ premium weighted blankets and quilt inserts are manufactured to our high quality standards in Western Australia.

They are all certified Australian-made. 

We have engineered the blankets to optimise each weighted blanket’s Deep Pressure Touch action. This maximises the Deep Pressure Touch’s calming and soothing effect to help you go to sleep faster and sleep for longer. Each blanket has evenly spaced, individually sewn pockets. These are each filled with an equal weight of our Australian-made micro glass beads. This means that the blanket’s weight is evenly distributed across your whole body.

The Australian-made glass beads are the size of mustard seeds with smooth edges. This means that you can’t feel any hard edges. And the glass is silent. This means that there is no rustling or whooshing noise to interrupt your rest. Because the glass beads are made in Australia, we know that they are made to this country’s high quality manufacturing standards. You can be sure that there are no potentially toxic fillers chemicals. And that the beads are beads, not powdered glass or some other potentially harmful material.

The glass beads also have the advantage that they make the blanket compact and easy to fold up. This makes it easy to store and transport. We fill each blanket with two layers of cotton wadding. This keeps the glass beads evenly spread through each pocket. It means the beads don’t “pool” in one corner. This maximises the Deep Pressure Touch effect on every part of your body. We make each blanket individually. This ensures that the pockets will not break – so you get evenly applied Deep Pressure Touch.

2 Year Guarantee

Our unique Calming 2-year guarantee covers every blanket. So that you know that we’re not just saying our quality standards are high. They are world class. No other weighted blanket offers this guarantee. In the unlikely event that the stitching breaks, we will repair or replace the blanket FREE of charge

Large Choice of Sizes and Weights

You can machine-wash all our weighted blankets on cold, gentle cycle.

Calming Moments’ weighted blankets come in a large choice of blanket sizes and weights. Our weighted blankets all come in single, king single, double and queen size. They are designed to fit on top of a bed with no overhang. This gives the best Deep Pressure input for people with sensory processing issues.

Our weighted quilt inserts are the size of an ordinary duvet or doona with an overhang. The come in single, king single, double, queen, king and super king sizes. We offer the widest choice of blanket weights in the market.

Across all our bed blankets we offer over 20 different weights, starting from 2.5kg in 0.5kg increments up to 12.0kg. This means that you can choose the blanket weight that will give you the best Deep Pressure Touch experience.

Don’t waste your money on a “cheap” mass produced alternative 

Consider, how much a good night’s sleep is worth to you. $1 a night? $5 a night? If you use a Calming Moments weighted blanket for two years, you will pay less than 50c per night for better quality, longer sleep. Our prices reflect our high quality, certified Australian-made production. But they also mean that you can rest peacefully, secure in the knowledge that the blanket will work for you individually AND that it contains no potentially harmful inputs. (We have heard reports of weighted blankets filled with powdered glass, noisy poly pellets or beads with toxic fillers.)

Go ahead and order your unique weighted blanket by selecting one of our custom-made options form the menu. But hurry, because our production capacity is limited and we don’t want you to have to wait to get a great night’s sleep



A weighted lap blanket or pad helps to calm people in stressful situations by exerting Deep Pressure Touch therapy. 

It is the size of a tray. They are very helpful for people who struggle to sit still or who find it difficult to concentrate at work, at school or at home.

This includes people with autism, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Dementia or OCD.