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Healing Sitz Bath Soak 500g

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Every Mum Needs A Postpartum Sitz Bath
Many new mums are surprised of the pain and soreness of their bottom and perineum. Your body has just given birth to a baby!  It is completely normal to be sore as you recover and heal.

Even in the gentlest birth, the perineum goes through quite a bit. It isn’t uncommon to experience swelling, pain and discomfort. It’s also common to experience some minor grazing or tearing requiring healing. Many women may also have tearing which require stitches. Some may experience a surgical cut, an episiotomy, which always requires stitching. And there is always the haemorrhoids, vulvar varicosities, internal vaginal varicose veins that can occur...

An old fashioned, simple trick is often the best remedy.
A postpartum sitz bath has some serious healing powers.

What Is A Sitz Bath You ask?  A sitz (meaning seat) bath is simply a soak for your bottom area.  It’s often done with a little tub that one can sit in. However your regular bath will do also. Many mothers find having a sitz bath several times a day for a few minutes at a time, has a magical healing affect.

What Healing Power Does A Sitz Bath Have?  Warm and soothing water, herbs and Himalayan salts, can be a great way to help your sensitive parts. A relaxing sitz bath with can help you recover and heal both emotionally and physically after birth.


Increasing blood flow to the perineum, vulva, vagina, etc. Warm water increases blood flow, which can help promote healing and reduce swelling.
Increased blood flow and soothing properties can also help relieve itching and pain.
Aids in healing haemorrhoids.
Promotes relaxation which can help with cramping, constipation and overall discomfort.
Warmth can help relax sore pelvic muscles.
Cleanses the area which can feel a bit yucky with the combination of lochia (postpartum bleeding and discharge), sweating, and wearing a sanitary pad.
Epsom salt has healing properties which include:
Anti-inflammatory properties to help swelling
The magnesium can help with cramping
Soothing the skin which helps with itching

    The magnesium can promote the production of serotonin to help you feel more relaxed and reduce the effects of adrenaline and other stress hormones. 

    Amara's blend of 100% Natural Sitz Bath Salts are designed to help postpartum healing using Natural Epsom Salts, combined with soothing essential oils of chamomile and lavender to help with calming and uplifting your mood as you recover from birth and adjust to this new stage in life.

    How to Use:
    Always clean your bath before using to remove any bacteria and help to avoid infections.  Pour half a cup (100g) into a warm (not hot) bath (3-4 inch deep water deep enough to soak your perineum) and soak for 10 to 20 minutes.
    If you have an open wound it may sting a little, this should subside fairly quickly. If discomfort continues we recommend seeing your health professional to get the area checked out.  We recommend drinking cool water prior to soaking, and always keep the bath warm but not too hot.

    Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, Witch hazel extract, Lavender essential oil, Chamomile extract

    Disclaimer: Information provided is a source of general information and should not be used as a tool for self diagnosis.  Always seek professional advice if you are experiencing issues or are concerned. 

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